As for who I am, I am just a man who believes in God, and Jesus, and wants to share my thoughts on the bible.  I was an athiest until I actually read the New Testament for myself, and had a conversion experience in my own bedroom prior to attending church.  Though I am not Jewish or a follower of Judaism, certainly I use a lot of Jewish source material for my studies on the early books of the bible.  I find them quite enlightening, as I am not a fan of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, and do not simply disregard a teaching because it is ‘Jewish’ or has its roots in Jewish tradition.  If Christians are honest with themselves, they will see the entire basis of their faith is contained in the Old Testament.  Do I celebrate Hanukkah?  No.

At times my musings may be on the unconventional side, but generally do not stray too far from the mainline beliefs.  I try to offer fresh insights when possible, and I strive not to simply regurgitate other teachings.  I do feel that mainline Christians are lacking in both tolerance and understanding of the heart of the scriptures.  I believe the holy scriptures are truly meant to be pondered, heavily considered as to what they mean, what they imply, not merely what the words on the page say.  To just take the words off the page and say them to another in condemnation is to have a log in your own eye, and unfortunately this happens much today.

I did not go to bible college or seminary – I wanted to at one point, but am often put off by people who have been to such, and decided I would rather study on my own and be taught by the Spirit.  I  attend a non-denominational, bible-teaching church which believes the basic tenets of the Christian faith.  I hold the basic same core beliefs, but am also willing to admit that the more I study the bible, the less I am certain of, but the more I learn, and so I keep reading.  I hope you will too.  I welcome any comments or questions at