How strange and beautiful must the first words of the LORD to Abram have sounded.  Strange in that he did not yet know God, and this God was asking him to obey Him;  Beautiful in that amazing promises were made for that obedience.  Though he had been exposed to idols under his father Terah, he had not been swayed.  After God’s calling, he faltered a bit in his sojourn to Egypt, but then returned the way he came, and God reminded him of the promises again and again.

In a spiritual sense, God’s requests of Abram can be read like this: “Go forth from your country,” [Go forth from the place you are familiar with] “and from your relatives” [and from the people you know] “and from your father’s house” [and from the accepted ways and principles of the world].  This is, in essence, the same calling Jesus the Messiah places on us to be followers of Him.

And in return for obedience, wonderful promises are granted.  Spiritually speaking, the parallel to God promising Abram ‘all the land his eyes could see’ is a picture of God’s desire to give us all good things.  This is not necessarily physical land, or even physical gifts, since we are speaking spiritually.  God gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit, through Whom we can do all things. And the promise of that land is a promise of the future.  This is represented by the fact that Abram will not see the fulfillment of that promise in his lifetime.  But that promise of the future carries Abram through his life.

However this promise is fulfilled within the life of a follower of Christ.  With the coming of the Messiah 2,000 years ago the Kingdom of God crossed into the kingdom of this world: The Kingdom of God is among us; the Kingdom of God is within us.  And still a greater promise lies on our horizon, beyond this life.  Faith in God, and faithfulness to God, are greatly rewarded.