What destruction must have been seen by the eyes of Noah upon looking out the lone window of the ark!  How drastically the landscape would have changed!  Were all the bodies washed away, or were they scattered about, up on rooftops even?  Were there any buildings left standing at all?  Josephus’ account reads as if Noah and his descendants were so terrified of the aftermath of the flood that fear is what drove Noah to make offerings to God, to entreat Him not to destroy the earth with a flood again.  The scriptural account in 8:20-22 does show that after Noah’s offering, God does state that He will not in fact destroy the earth in such manner in the future, though I think Noah’s survival of the flood alone would have been cause enough to offer sacrifice.  Josephus does offer some potentially interesting insight into this time after the flood and leading up to the Tower of Babel however.

In Genesis 8:1, the scripture says that when God remembered Noah that He caused a wind to pass over the earth to cause the floodwater to subside.  The same Hebrew word for “wind” (“ruwach”) in this verse is that same word used in Genesis 1 for the “Spirit of God” that is moving over the face of the waters.  Some have also noted other parallels between the story of creation (as the building up) and the flood (as the tearing down of creation), and then other parallels as the flood ends, such as Genesis 1:9 “let the dry land appear” to 8:5 “the tops of the mountains became visible”; God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply” in both Genesis 1:28 and again in 8:17.  A sort of “re-creation” perhaps.