I must admit that I was both looking forward to, as well as dreading Genesis 6 and the flood.  It’s a story that reads plainly enough, yet you can’t believe what you are reading.  And though I always strive to bring something new and interesting to light, I’m not quite sure I can pull that off here.  This has likely been one of the most discussed, written about, dissected and scrutinized stories of all time.  Fallen Angels sleeping with women, producing giant offspring?  A man who builds a boat the size of a modern cruise liner to save his family and two of every animal?  The whole world, save for eight people, being utterly destroyed? God Himself being sorry?  Then to cap it off, the explanation of the phenomenon of the rainbow.

Fantastical yes, and I also believe fantastically true.  Let’s dive in! (sorry, bad pun)