Genesis begins with the cosmic spectacle of creation with a viewpoint not unlike that of the Hubble telescope.  Grand and awesome can only describe the work of His creation, and His orderly, methodical, very purposeful ways.  God knew exactly what He was doing, as we can see when we read His blueprint of space, time, earth and life.  

However what I also find fascinating is that, as you are aware in coming chapters, Adam and Eve begin their lives in Eden, in paradise, with God.  And we tend to think — why did Adam and Eve screw up?  We could still be in paradise in constant communion with God!  This is difficult to consider, but we see here in Chapter 1 that God has already created the whole earth and filled it with plants and animals, and has plans for man to subdue the earth, and procreate and fill it.  Thus we can only draw the conclusion that, though life was perfect in the Garden of Eden with God, God knew we weren’t going to stay there forever, and perhaps the intent was never for man to stay in paradise to begin with.  We know God is omniscient of course, but this is certainly telling.  There was a whole world prepared outside of Eden before the fall of mankind.  Even the ground Adam was taken from was not the dirt from the Garden of God, but from outside the garden.  We’ll talk about this more in chapters 2 and 3.